Lessons from the Desert

Embracing Change

About Marty

I am a leader, equipper, instructor and coach, in order to guide others to experience their God given potential, and live a fulfilling life in balance.

The Message

The Lessons from the Desert speech is about change and is based on lessons learned from the Exodus story.  It is about discovering your Promised Land. A place where you get to live your life with passion and purpose.

Sadly many find themselves in Egypt, a place where they are for whatever reason enslaved in their current circumstances. Some will make a decision to leave their painful circumstances and strike out on their own finding themselves in the desert dealing with the challenges brought on by struggle and change.

This speech outlines the steps required to stay focused on the goal, to survive the desert and arrive in your Promised Land.

This speech has a message for:

  • Entrepreneurs, current or future
  • Church Leadership
  • Business Owners
  • Individuals or businesses that know what they are called to do, but currently find themselves in a struggle to do it

Start living with passion and purpose.

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